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Why would I want to commission a work of art?

  • To preserve, honor and celebrate the people, places, and moments in life that are precious to you
  • To create a family treasure that will be enjoyed by you, your family and future generations

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What kind of artwork can I commission?

  • Portraits of loved ones: children, teens, adults, families, brides
  • Portraits of Business Leaders: CEO's, government officials, clergy, military officials
  • Portraits of Places:  a landscape that features your family's home, your company's new building, or a special beach scene that holds memories of childhood
  • Still-Life Paintings: a still-lfe painting that depicts objects that hold personal symbolism for you, a still-life of objects that evoke the memory of a departed loved one
  • Your artwork will be created in the medium of your choice: painting, drawing or sculpture


How do I start the process of commissioning a work of art?

  • Contact us!
  • We would love to hear about the type of art you want to commission (a portrait, a landscape, or a still-life) and in which medium (painting, drawing or sculpture)
  • Commissioning a work of art--just talking about what you may be interested in--may take a few conversations by email or by phone.
  • We will talk about the end product that you envision, and based on that, can give you a general time-line of the creation process.  We will also provide a written estimate and contract.
  • During each stage of the process, we provide numerous checkpoints for your review and approvals.
  • Contact us for more info!



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Why should I choose Fisher Johnson Studios?

  • You will receive a museum-quality, original work of art 
  • Your work of art will be created with professional quality materials